Quest for Camelot

Quest for Camelot- Poster.jpgJaleel White is best known for portraying the stereotypical nerd in the hit sitcom Family Matters. However, there are other roles that he is remembered for as well. Such as Bladebeak in the 1998 film Quest for Camelot.

Kayley is a young girl who dreams to be like her father a knight of King Arthurs Round Table. One day she finds that Camelot is under attack when the man who killed her father has stolen Excalibur. Soon after this happens Kayley’s home, mother, and freedom is taken by the evil Ruber. So off Kayley goes on an adventure to save her home. Along the way she meets a blind hermit by the name of Garrett who’s heart she wins, as well as a two headed dragon, Devon and Cornwall, and Ayden, Garrett’s falcon. Together they are met run quickly from Ruber’s men as they near Camelot. However, they have a friend on Ruber’s inside, Bladebeak, who helps them when they do reach Camelot. Upon their arrival Kayley runs to help the King, while Garrett, who by this point has gained his vision back, convinces Devon and Cornwall to fly. Once Kayley and Garrett defeat Ruber everything is turned back to normal. Kayley and Garrett marry and are made Knights of the Round Table.

Jaleeel White was born on November 26, 1976. Many people today recognize him as a beloved nerd. However, many remember him as the voice of Bladebeak in the 1998 film Quest of Camelot.


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