The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.jpgC.S. Lewis was a master story teller. Many people today remember him for introducing us to the world of Narnia in the seven book series The Chronicles of Narnia. Unlike other film series, Disney produced the second book in the series in 2005 as The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

When evacuee children from London to the countryside during World War II find themselves living with a recluse professor. However, when the youngest Lucy finds to hide in during a game of hide and seek she finds the magical land of Narnia. When she returns after having tea with Mr. Tummus, a faun, she attempts to explain this to her siblings, only for them to disbelieve her. That is until her brother Edmund follows her in. However, he ends up meeting with the evil White Queen. Under her power Edmund promises to bring his siblings to her. Upon their return, Lucy tells her two older siblings Peter and Susan about her and Edmund in Narnia, only for Edmund to lie. Eventually, a broken window leads the four siblings to end up in the wardrobe. Once inside they end up in Narnia where Susan and Peter apologize to Lucy while insult Edmund for lying. When they get their they learn that something is not quite right as Mr. Tummus has been taken captive by the White Queen. When they make the acquaintance of two beavers they start a quest to go and find Aslan in order to give the four siblings what they need to restore peace to Narnia. However, Edmund has taken off to go and find the White Queen as he has been corrupted. Realizing that he is gone, the beavers take the remaining children on a journey to a safe place to wait for Aslan. Upon their arrival they meet Aslan who appears sends troops to rescue Edmond. When Edmond returns he apologizes to everyone when the White Queen appears. When this happens Aslan offers a trade unbeknownst to everyone, his life for Edmund’s freedom. Aslan heads off to the White Queen to be sacrificed with a silent Lucy and Susan behind him. After Aslan is killed, the White Queen heads off to kill Aslan troops. Lucy and Susan stay behind while they send warning to Peter and Edmund who prepare the troops for battle. So a giant battle between the White Queen and Aslan troops ensue. In the meantime, Aslan has come back from the dead going with Susan and Lucy to fight the White Queen with reinforcements who she had turned to stone earlier in the film. Along with the newly freed creatures, included Mr. Tummus, they all head off to destroy her once and for all. They manage to do so with all four children being crowned kings and queens of Narnia. After some time had passed, they are shown to be grown adults living in Narnia. However, upon the site of a certain lamp post they end up going back to modern day England where they are young again meeting the Professor who asks them about the broken window.

C. S. Lewis brought us all into the magical world of Narnia. In the seven book series The Chronicles of Narnia he was able to bring to life a whole world based on his imagination. In 2005 the second book in the series The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe came to life bringing us to this world like never before.


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