The Trouble with Angels

The Trouble with Angels (theatrical poster).jpgRosalind Russell passed away on November 28, 1976. The Hollywood legend has left her mark through her work. In the 1966 film The Trouble with Angels she portrays a strict nun showing why she deserves her place.

Mother Superior of St. Francis Academy, an all girls school, finds herself struggling to keep up with Mary Clancy. The young spirited teenager is constantly playing jokes, pranks, and breaking the rules resulting in her receiving detention. Mother Superior starts to become fond of Mary as she knows that she is a natural born leader with a life ahead of her. However, she worries about Rachel, who is Mary’s best friend and is a follower. As the film plays on Mary and Rachel continue on with their pranks through their high school years only for the two of them to be separated at the end of the film. When Mary chooses to become a nun, Mother Superior fully supports her decision compared to Rachel who is hurt. Despite her feelings towards Mary about becoming a nun, Mother Superior goes to Rachel and tells her how strong Mary is as this was her choice. Rachel and Mary say their final good-byes with Mother Superior telling Mary she will quit if Rachel comes back.

Rosalind Russell was an actress like no other. On November 28, 1976 she passed away leaving behind a legacy of films. In the 1966 film The Trouble with Angels she was able to show her acting skills once again before she passed on.


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