Saboteurposter.jpgRobert Cummings had portrayed several characters in his life. He rose to fame through his roles in comedic films. However, his most famous role is in the 1942 Alfred Hitchcock film Saboteur.

Barry Kane’s life is turned upside down when he is accused of starting a fire at Stewart Aircraft Works in California. The fire kills his best friend and he tells everyone about a man he saw named Fry. However, there is no record of Fry leading Kane to start a life on the run. He finds shelter in a blind man’s home where his granddaughter, Patricia, tells him about the dangerous man. Patricia finds Barry in her home only to find herself following him. Soon, Patricia learns that Barry is innocent. Yet, Patricia and Barry have to escape the spies that intend to kill Barry, as well as the police. Eventually, Barry and Patricia find Fry and the men who he works for. But, Barry finds himself in a tough position when Patricia is kidnapped. However, Barry and Patricia are able to escape unharmed with those responsible being arrested or falling to their death. The movie closes with Barry and Patricia embracing.

Robert Cummings passed away on December 2, 1990. Throughout his career he was able to bring several characters to life on the screen. One of those roles is Barry Kane in the 1942 film Saboteur.


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