The Exorcist

Classic poster from a classic film...  Many people say that this is the scariest film of all time.: Lee J. Cobb is one of the most recognizable faces today. However, his name is not that well known. On December 8, 1911 he was born. He was able to prove his acting chops in the 1973 movie The Exorcist.

When Regan Macneil plays with a ouija board she ends up being possessed. Her mother goes out of her way to get her the help that she needs to be rid of the demon. After going to the police and doctors she finds herself going to the Catholic church. With some convincing a troubled priest end up taking on the case in order to free Regan from the demon. However, he finds that killing this demon could ultimately kill Regan. Knowing that he must free Regan from the demon so she can live her life, he sacrifices himself by allowing the demon to enter him and throws himself out the window. Later on Regan is checked in on by another priest who asks if she remembers anything that happened. In the end, Regan and her mother are left to live their lives demon free.

Lee J. Cobb had a role as a policeman in the movie The Exorcist. Even though this was one of his more minor roles he made his mark in this film. On December 8, 1911 he was born with the life of acting ahead of him.


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