On December 9, 2016 Kirk Douglas turned one hundred years old. This legendary actor is best known for his work in several films. One of those many films is the 1960 epic Spartacus.

In the year 1 B.C. Rome is taken over by the corrupt politicians. Spartacus is a proud gladiator who is refusing to give into the rule of Marcus Licinius Crassus. With the help of his teacher he leaves behind his days as a gladiator to raise a rebellion. Along the way he finds love with Varinia whom he marries and bears him a child. However, Spartacus knows that the rebellion that he is leading will lead to a battle that will determine the future of Rome. When the battle comes Spartacus’s team end up losing with him being taken captive. With the rebellions dispersing Spartacus and a few allies are tried and sentenced to death. On his death of crucifixion he is comforted by Varinia and his son as she leaves him while he passes on.

Kirk Douglas was born on December 9, 1916 making to day his one hundredth birthday. In the 1960 movie Spartacus he was able to bring to life one of histories most well known rebels.In his life he is still being remembered for many of his skills on and off the screen.


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