Camp 14: Total Control Zone

December 10th is  a day that is declared by the United Nations as Human Rights Day. Today, there are several countries where basic human rights are violated on a daily basis. In the 2012 film Camp 14: Total Control Zone we are told the story from a survivor from a North Korean prison camp, while hearing stories of human rights violations in the same country.

Shin Dong-hyuk tells the story of his life living in Kaechon internment camp. Commonly called Camp 14, he talks about how he was born to a mother from a forced marriage with abuse to surround him. He shows us his arms that are bent permanently as the result of torture. Through animated sequences we are shown the abuse that Shin faced on a daily basis inside the camp. He explains what it was like to witness his mother and brother be executed before his eyes, as well as many other prisoners. He talks about his life after his time in the camp. However, it is not a real happy ending for Shin. Although, he has gained his freedom living in South Korea, he has nightmares of the camp. He still has scars, burns, and bruises that will never heal as he result of the “punishment” he received from the inside. Among Shin’s interviews we hear from people who are doing what they can to expose the treachery that takes place inside North Korea. Shin’s story is just one of many that have escaped the camp and those who are still in a living hell.

Human rights are basic rights that we deserve upon our birth. Sadly, in the world today basic human rights are deprived of those like Shin Dong-hyuk. In the 2012 film Camp 14: Total Control Zone we are introduced to the horrors of a North Korean prison camp from a former inmate.


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