The Omen

Omen ver4.jpgLee Remick was a talented actress on the stage and screen. Through her art she was able to inspire many. In the 1976 horror film The Omen she portrayed the unwitting mother who was raising the son of Satan.

When his son dies in childbirth Robert Thorn secretly adopts another boy in order to save his wife grief. The young boy Damien grows up to have a normal childhood. However, after his sixth birthday party things start to change. Robert discovers that the son who he took in is really the anti-Christ. After his wife is put in the hospital after a horrific accident and killed, Robert knows he must stop at nothing to keep Damien from growing up. However, Satan’s minions are everywhere, including Mrs. Baylock the new nanny whom they hired. Will Robert be able to stop Damien? Will he be able to survive the ultimate evil in the form of a cute child?

Lee Remick brought to life the loving mother of the son of Satan in the 1976 film The Omen. On December 14, 1935 Lee Remick was born. In The Omen she has been able to prove why she deserves her place in movie history.


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