Finding Dory

Finding Dory.jpgEugene Levy was born on December 17, 1946. Even though today many people know him as the dad in American Pie, to many others he will be known as another dad. In the 2016 film Finding Dory he portrayed Charlie, the father of the little blue tang that tends to forget everything.

One day Dory, a blue tang with short term memory loss, suddenly remembers something about her parents. She immediately gets her friend Marlin and his son Nemo on her side. Soon, the trio head out to find more about Dory’s family bringing them to California. However, the trio are separated with Dory ending up in the Marine Life Institute. There she meets an octopus, a beluga whale who was once her friend, and a near sited white shark. Marlin and Nemo manage to find Dory before she is about to be sent off to Cleveland. After a few mishaps, Dory with the help of her new friends is finally reunited with her parents. They return the reef that they all know and love after a new adventure ends.

Eugene Levy brought to life another doting dad using his voice in the 2016 film Finding Dory. Today, is his birthday making him another year older. With more films to come in the future, I am sure we will be hearing and seeing more of him.


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