Johnny Tremain

Yesterday, on December 16, marked the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. This historic event that took place in Boston let the King know that they were tired of his tax. In the 1957 movie Johnny Tremain we are introduced to a young man who finds himself taking sides with the Patriots.

When young apprentice Johnny Tremain injures his hand he finds himself out of work as a silversmith. Soon after words he finds a flier advertising from the Sons of Liberty. Joining up with them he finds himself in the beginnings of the American Revolution. However, Johnny knows that taking sides in this war could cost him. Yet, he stays true to what he believes in as a Patriot. One night he dresses up and joins his new friends by dumping tea into the Boston Harbor. Throughout the film, Johnny meets and joins up with Paul Revere with the American Revolution in full motion. As the film ends, the war starts as the Patriots take up arms in the war that will change America’s history.

December 16, 1773 the Boston Tea Party happened. In the 1957 Disney film Johnny Tremain we are reminded of the significance of this historic event. The Boston Tea Party is an event that will be remembered for all time.


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