The Brothers Grimm

Brothers grimm movie poster.jpgOn December 20, 1812 Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm published their beloved fairy tale collection. However, their tales were much darker and scarier than the movies that have their names. In the 2005 film The Brothers Grimm we are introduced to the original stories of the fairy tales as told through a story.

Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm are summoned to a town that seems to be plagued by the stories they have woven. Upon arrival they learn about a evil queen who lives in the woods as she was taken prisoner by her former husband the queen. The two do not believe what is going on as they know their stories to be fake. However, when more little girls continue to go missing, they find themselves facing their stories in real life. Learning that they must venture into the forest they know they might not be coming back out alive. Yet, they know in order to stop the evil queen they must do so in order to save the town and it’s people.

The Brothers Grimm introduces us to the way Wilhelm and Jacob originally wrote their stories. Filled with blood, guts, and gore these classic fairy tale were published on December 20, 1812. Even though they are beloved children’s books and movies that we all love, the original ones weren’t as kind.


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