Shrek.jpgJeffrey Katzenberg is a well known name among the animation world. As the CEO of DreamWorks Animation he has been able to bring many films to life. One of those films is Shrek, a movie about an ogre caught up in the middle of a bunch of fairy tales while trying to make one come true.

Shrek is an ogre who likes to be alone. One day the fairy tale hating Lord Farquaad of Dulac exiles all of the creature to his swamp. Frustrated with this, Shrek and his new friend Donkey head off to talk to him about the situation. In the meantime, Farquaad is determined to find a bride. He looks into the magic mirrors and sees Princess Fiona locked in a tower. However, Farquaad is cowardly insisting a knight goes instead. By chance, Shrek ends up being the one sent to pick up Fiona. Shrek manages to rescue Fiona from the dragon only to find that he is falling in love with  her. However, after a misunderstanding Fiona is sent to Farquaad on Shreks orders. But, Shrek figures out the misunderstanding with him interrupting the wedding at the end of the day. Farquaad ends up defeated with Shrek and Fiona (who ends up turning into an ogre due to a spell) live in his swamp happily ever after.

Fairy tale with a twist has been a subject that many enjoy. In the 2001 film Shrek we are introduced to this concept through new eyes. Yesterday, on December 21, Jeffrey Katzenberg celebrated his birthday. As the CEO of DreamWorks Animation there are many films like Shrek to come with him at the helm.


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