Carousel theatrical film poster 1956.jpgBarbara Ruick had a life as a singer and actress that no one really knew. Yet, she has left her mark in cinematic history in her roles as a supporting character. One of those roles is Carrie in the 1956 film Carousel as the best friend of the lead female.

When Julie Jordan meets Billy Bigelow she is immediately taken in by him. However, he is a barker on a carousel with a bad rap and she just lost her job in a factory. The two fall in love returning to her hometown in Maine. Sadly, Billy is not as well received as he thought he would be. When Billy finds out that Julie is pregnant he becomes desperate committing a crime leading to his death. With her Cousin Nettie and new engaged friend Carrie by her side she manages to raise their daughter all alone. Sadly, Louise, their daughter, is starting to struggle with who her father is so he is sent down from heaven to help her out. Louise manages to find the strength like her mother did with her father’s help to carry on with her life knowing that she is not alone.

On December 23, 1930 Barbara Ruick was born. Although her name is not as well known, today she did bring to life many memorable characters to life on screen. In the 1956 film Carousel is no different.


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