We’re No Angels

We're No Angels - 1955 - poster.pngYesterday, December 25th, was Christmas Day. A day of celebration as many honored the birth of Christ. Yet, December 25th also marked the birth of Humphrey Bogart. In the 1955 Christmas movie We’re No Angels follows three convicts who find themselves reformed after they break out of prison.

When Joseph, Albert, and Jules escape from Devils Island around Christmas they discover they are in more than they bargained for. While staying in a French Colonial town they plan to rob a family. However, upon their arrival they find that the family in financial distress. After making them dinner they find themselves having a change of heart about their ways. As time goes on they discover that Isabelle, the daughter of the family, has her eye set on a man who is trying to take over the family owned store. After he is found out by the three convicts they are found out. Albert, Joseph, and Jules leave the family whom they have helped with halos above their heads.

Humphrey Bogart is a legendary actor who continues to inspire actors today. On December 25, 1899 he was born, which fell on Christmas day of that year. Christmas is a joyous time for all as there are changes of heart like the three convicts in the 1955 film We’re No Angels. I hope you al had a joyous Christmas yesterday.


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