Judgment at Nuremberg

170592-Judgment-at-Nuremberg-Posters.jpgAlthough he commonly portrayed a anti-heroes, Richard Widmark was able to bring to life several other characters. One of those happens to be Colonel Tad Lawson in Judgment at Nuremberg. In this film he portrays a prosecutor who takes on the task of bringing Nazi Judges to justice.

When Dan Haywood, a retired judge, gets taken from his home and sent to judge Nazi criminals he is taken aback. After hearing opening statements from both sides he finds himself struggling with making decisions as to whether the judge is guilty or not. Making acquaintances with fellow Germans in town he finds himself at the beginning of the Cold War. However, when Ernst Janning, the judge on trial, reveals what he knew his acceptance of guilt is on that Dan cannot over look. With Colonel Tad Lawson insisting on the death penalty while Hans Rolfe the defense attorney says that his client cannot be held fully accountable Dan makes his final decision. After sentencing the judges to life in prison Dan visits Ernst in prison with him telling him the truth about what he did.

Judgment at Nuremberg was one of Richard Widmarks finest performances. On December 26, 1914 Richard Widmark was born. With a life filled with acting he was a true inspiration.


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