Ouija 2014 poster.jpgOlivia Cooke is a rising actress of today. On December 27, she celebrates her birthday. In several films she has proven her acting abilities. In the 2014 film Ouija she manages to prove why she will be known in the future as an actress.

When Laine Morris’s best friend Debbie dies after playing with a ouija board everyone believes it is a suicide. Laine and her grieving friends decide to contact Debbie using the same ouija board as a form of comfort. However, they forget one rule at the end which is to say good-bye, like Debbie did. Soon, Laine’s friends start dying under mysterious circumstances. Laine comes to the conclusion that they accidentally summoned a demon using the ouija board. Warning her friends before it is too late it is up to Laine to trap the demon. But, will she be able to do it in time?

Ouija came out in 2014 with Olivia Cooke in the lead role. On December 27 she celebrates her birthday. In the future there is much more to be seen from her.


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