The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner poster.jpgPatricia Clarkson is an actress who is well known to many. In her films she has been able to inspire many with the characters she brings. In the 2014 film The Maze Runner she brings to life a scientist towards the very end.

When Thomas wakes up in the woods filled with boys he remembers nothing about his life. Several of them are weary to who he is as they each have ended up in “The Glade”. But, Thomas learns that this new location is filled with danger including a mysterious maze. One day, Thomas ends up chasing after the leader, Alby in the maze when he tries to rescue another. Thomas manages to figure out the maze is hiding something that could lead to the exit. However, when he escapes with Alby he has a tough time convincing the others to go with him. In the meantime, the first girl, Theresa Agnes, appears. The first thing she says is Thomas’s name leading to a trial about who Thomas is. After an attack, Thomas decides to go into the Maze with some of the other boys and Theresa. When they get to the end of the maze they find the exit with a message from scientist Ava Paige about them being survivors. But, will all of them be able to make it out of the exit alive?

Patricia Clarkson portrayed Ava Paige at the end of this film. Even though this was a small part, her role in the film The Maze Runner she is still memorable. On December 29, 1959 Patricia Clarkson was born with the life of inspirational acting ahead of her.


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