2017 Blog

A happy vintage New Year to one and all! #vintage #New_Years #cards: Happy New Year! After spending 2016 blogging about movies, I have decided to do something different for the year 2017. Instead of blogging seven days a week, I will only be blogging for five Monday through Friday following this schedule.

Music Mondays: Blogging about a different artist and why their music is inspirational.

TV Tuesdays: Different TV shows that are past and present of different sorts.

Read It Wednesdays: Books that range from the classics to the recent New York Times Bestseller List.

Theater Thursdays: An arrange of Broadway shows from musicals to plays. Some of them are better known than others, some may have never won a Tony Award, yet many love them today.

Photo Fridays: After spending a year focusing on photography, I will be sharing some of my photos that I have taken over the past year with a poem or story.

That is my 2017 blog everyone! I hope you all had a Happy New Year!


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