TV Tuesdays: Scream Queens

Image result for Scream Queens title card

Let’s face it if you are a fan of horror movies then Scream Queens is the ultimate parody. Playing off of the traditional horror scenario there is comedy mixed with mystery as a killer or killers stalk Chanel Oberlin. A stuck up rich girl Chanel has her minions who go by her name with a number as well as a wealthy boyfriend. However, Chanel is constantly foiled by Dean Munsch and her unwillingness to accept that the world does not revolve around her. With all of her bad decisions she manages to escape death. In the meantime, there are practical characters around her like Zayday Williams, smart and witty she tends to figure out what is going on. Regardless, Zayday tends to find herself caught in Chanel’s schemes while she ends up being the one who saves the lives. Even though this show has only two seasons, a different mystery with Chanel at the center of it all.


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