Read It Wednesday: The Sun Also Rises

When I first read Ernest Hemingway’s novel The Sun Also Rises I was not intrigued. If anything, I hated the book all together not grasping what the book was really about. A few years later I kept hearing about how great of a book this is, so I decided to re-read The Sun Also Rises. When I did I was happy I did.

In this book we follow the tragic love story of Jake Barnes who is impotent due to a wound he received in World War I. Using the power of the lost generation, Hemingway is able to weave in his love for the uppity Lady Brett Ashley. Sadly, there is no way the two can have a stable relationship due Jake’s injury. Like many other men who fought in World War I there was a loss of innocence that was lost by them as many were teenagers at the time. Jake’s attempt to come to terms with his life, like many of the other war veterans at the time, and deal with the mentality that came with the war. Knowing that Lady Brett Ashley will never be his, the two end meeting up with each other to have a final conversation about what could have been.


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