Music Monday: Meghan Trainor

New Meghan Trainor album releasing 11/20/15! Available everywhere but the U.S. :

Doo-wop and pop combined with a ukulele and various other instruments is one of many talents that Meghan Trainor has brought to life. Using womanhood and a positive outlook on body image she has been able to inspire many people around the world. Even though she only came to fame a couple of years ago, she made three independent albums between the ages of fifteen and seventeen. In these albums she wrote, produced, recorded, and performed all of them. Meghan Trainor is one to not only admire, but look up to. A young woman who came from humble beginnings and worked hard to get to where she is today. Meghan Trainor may be young, but she is proof that if you work hard you can get anywhere you want to be.


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