TV Tuesdays: Mozart in the Jungle

Mozart in the Jungle (TV Series 2014– ) - IMDb:

The first Amazon series I ever watched goes to Mozart in the Jungle. The much heard about series got my attention and I have been wanting to watch this well known series. Sadly, I didn’t have Amazon Prime until recently. When I did get it, I finally was able to watch the series. I was not disappointed in the series I had heard all about.

Following the life of a oboe player, Hailey, as she climbs her way into the New York Symphony Orchestra. However, when she gets her chance she fails and winds up being the eccentric conductors aid. Rodrigo, the conductor, is up to his elbows with creating new ideas to encourage his members while driving others a little nuts. When Hailey proves that she is ready with the support of her friends the becomes an oboist in the orchestra. But, her journey does not stop there as love, life, and laughter are around every corner for her, as well as Rodrigo.


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