Theater Thursday: The Crucible


Arthur Miller wrote one of the most terrifying plays in history: The Crucible. Even though, The Crucible, is historically inaccurate he wrote it in response to the Hollywood Blacklist brought on by McCarthyism in the 1950’s. By changing the age of Abigail Williams from a child to a teenager and John Proctor from an old man to a young married father, he was able to create an atmosphere based on mass hysteria as a warning.

Abigail Williams is hurt when her former lover John Proctor leaves her. However, she uses he actions by her cousin Betty Parris as a form of witchcraft that was cast on her. Slowly, the residents of Salem, Massachusetts start to accuse their neighbors out of fear. One by one they are hanged until Abigail accuses John. John ends up being hung like his neighbors based on her vengeful lies. Abigail is not the only girl to accuse her neighbors of witchcraft as a case of mass hysteria proves to be deadly.


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