A Country Concert in the Oasis Room

Image result for Girls Guns and glory garde

On Friday January 13th, I had the privilege of watching the indie country band Girls, Guns, and Glory at the Garde Arts Center. Upon arrival I learned that the concert for one-hundred and sixteen people would be held in The Oasis Room. Around seven o’clock doors opened for the patrons to come inside.

After being directed upstairs many of them went to check out the merchandise that was available. Calendars, two CD’s, and two types of T-shirts were being sold. The band being from Boston, Massachusetts with the drummer hailing from nearby Montville, Connecticut some members in the audience knew the band members. Before the show started the drummer had visited his family, fiancée, and friends.

Then the lights dimmed for the show to begin. Steve Sigal went up to the stage to welcome everyone to The Oasis Room to see Girls, Guns, and Glory. Before the show began he announced the upcoming Winter Movie Series that begins February 2nd and a Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt concert January 20th. Then the band came on the stage with the lead singer announcing who they were.

After playing a few songs the lead singer went around with each individual band member with a duet. Through an array of instruments that included: the drums, guitar, dobra, bass, and mandolin the band was able to give the room a country feel, even though none of them are from the south. The lead singer spoke about his love for country, especially, honky tonk music.

However, the journey to where they are now was not an easy one. After asking the audience if anyone had seen them before, the lead singer spoke about how their newest album was funded by fans after a mishap with a record deal. He spoke about how encouraging it was that they were able to have a fan funded album.

From singing a new song about John Henry to singing “Blue Eyes Cry In The Rain” by Willie Nelson they are a band that is far from over. After the lead singer announced that they would be closing out the show the audience cried for an encore and they complied. Several members got up to dance and clap with the music. After they played two songs they were greeted by fans to sign autographs and take photos. They mentioned the usage of Facebook and Instagram to share with other fans. Girls, Guns, and Glory is a band to look out for in the future.


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