Classic Albums Live! Purple Rain


Classic Albums Live! Purple Rain

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                I don’t think I will ever see a tribute band concert like Classic Albums Live! Purple Rain based on the Prince album. On Thursday January 19, I got the privilege of watching this very talented band perform for the hundreds of fans at the Garde Arts Center in downtown New London, CT. When I had arrived there was the color purple around such as a bouquet of flowers and the bartenders wearing purple ties in honor of the album. While the band rehearsed the ushers prepared for their assignments as anxious patrons waited to enter.

Once the doors open they came in, many of the patrons were wearing Prince Memorabilia and others were the color purple. When they walked in the theater some approached the stage to admire the set up which consisted of a drum set, five guitars, and a keyboard surrounded by microphones with purple lighting shining on the stage.

Then the lights dimmed as Steve Sigel went on to announce upcoming events at the Garde such as the Winter Cinema Series that starts on February 2nd and Classic Albums Live! Ziggy Stardust from David Bowie, Magical box, and Matthew Anderson. Then he stepped off stage and the band came on to cheers from the audience.

The lead singer, a perfect Prince impersonator, lead the audience in singing and cheering. He encouraged them to get up and dance to the music that they were playing. He was able to perfect some of Princes signature dance moves, including lying on the floor, as he lead the band dressed in all black. At the end of Act One they had received a standing ovation with them pointing to the sky honoring the recently deceased legend.

After a short intermission, which consisted of many audience members buying merchandise and praise about the show, Act Two started. When this act began the audience was up on their feet. Many were dancing in front of the stage as the lead singer lead them to sing along with the words “Wo We Oh”. The lead singer introduced each member of the band as they all did a duet with him to a classic prince song, like Diamond and Pearls.

After partying like its “1999” the band started to close the show with the audience cheering “Classic Albums Live!” When the show ended the band received a standing ovation as the audience exited the Garde. Many were talking about the joy they had watching the show. Then the band came out to greet and sign autographs. When all is said and done Classic Albums Live! Prince’s Purple Rain was a true delight for all to enjoy.


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