Photo Friday


Happy Friday everyone!!! Can’t really think of what to say about this photo other than it caught my eye making me smile. This photo was taken at a winery, so maybe the thought of a glass of wine is it.

An Evening with Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt



Image result for An Evening with Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt garde                Up until January 20, 2017, I had never heard of Lyle Lovett or John Hiatt. Well, after a night at the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut those are two names that I will never forget. With a sold out two and a half hour show these two put on an amazing performance.

There was much preparation to happen before the doors open. Many patrons were anxiously waiting in the box office lobby while the ushers got into place. Then the doors opened, many were admiring the posters on display for future shows. While other patrons were acknowledging the photos in the lobby by Tom Bombria. As the lobby began to fill the doors opened with patrons going up to the stage to admire the stage set with two guitars.

Around eight o’clock the lights dimmed with Steve Sigal going to announce future attractions coming to the Garde. One of the many is the Winter Cinema Series that starts on February 2nd and Matthew Anderson. After he stepped off the stage the two stars of the night came on. Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt were treated to applause.

After singing a couple of songs, the two talked about how they met with the journey they had been on together. The two switched off with each doing solos. John did some whistling and played the harmonica during his songs. Both were playing the guitar under the blue dim light on the stage. Lyle spoke about meeting Eric Taylor and others like Leonard Cohen who he admired and helped along the way. John Hiatt spoke about his journey since he was eighteen and went to Nashville to being a married man. The two of them have a special friendship that was evident as they shared jokes with each other.

As the singing went on there were requests for songs that they play. Classics such as “Marlene Marlene” and “Have a Little Faith in Me” are met to applause. As the show started to come to an end Lyle thanked them for being a great audience. After the show ended there was an encore with them greeting and acknowledging the audience before their final bow.

When the show wrapped up the audience started to leave with the clamor of how great the show was. Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt were able to bring happiness and joy the fans in New London, Connecticut. There was never a show quite like this one that I had ever seen before.