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I Love Lucy is, probably, one of my favorite shows of all time. Following Lucy Ricardo with her comedic adventures to get into show business as well as driving her husband Rick up a wall. With her best friend Ethel Mertz as her reluctant cohort from time to time and her husband the miserly Fred Mertz there is nothing that stops Lucy. From the chocolate factory down the street to stomping on grapes in Italy to make wine to auditioning as a vitavetavegimin girl Lucy keeps you laughing.

I Love Lucy is not only known for it’s comedic adventures, this is also a ground breaking show. I Love Lucy was the first television show to feature a women who was with child through her pregnancy. Up until this show, it was a censored and taboo subject. Even TV executives were worried about what people would think of it. Even though they had to censor what Lucy was saying about being pregnant, the show survived paving the way for future shows. Lucille Ball was able to pave the way for women in comedy, the future of television, and the rerun. Yes, the rerun was invented during this time as well. I Love Lucy is a true show where the fun never stops.

Music Monday: Adele

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Adele is one of the most beloved artists of today. The winner of multiple Grammy Awards she managed to win the hearts of people every where when she dedicated her Album of the Year Award to Beyonce. To me, Adele, is the perfect combination of talent, humility, and grace all in one. Adele is one to idolize for many recording artists to come.

Photo Friday


Yup, the white stuff called snow is back again. Yesterday, there was a snow storm that came with thunder, ice, and heavy snow. By heavy snow, I mean snow that was hard to shovel due to ice below and the fact there was a foot. Snow is fun to play in, but the clean up can be a bit of a pain. Especially, when you have to wait until the thunder and lighting has stopped. Thunder snow, who would have thunk it.

Theater Thursday: Pippin


Pippinalbum.jpgAn enjoyable musical exploring love, life, tragedy, and war is what makes Pippin great. Following a young prince who doesn’t feel he belongs to the kingdom, Pippin leaves to go on his own adventure. Along the way he finds himself love and adventure among a war that has raged on. Narrated by a man only known as the Leading Player there is a lesson that Pippin is able to teach us all in the end.

Read-It Wednesday: Mrs. Dalloway

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Virginia Woolf brought to life Mrs. Dalloway in the book by her name. In this novel we follow the story of Clarissa Dalloway in 1920’s London following World War I. Through the eyes of the socialite we learn about other characters who have been struggling with the effects of the war. One of those characters is Septimus Smith who ends up committing suicide. Although, Clarissa barely knows Septimus she looks at his death sadly and reflects on the life that she has had with the people whom she had allowed in it. Mrs. Dalloway is a story that will bringing you into the high end social life on London through a woman who has her regrets.

TV Tuesdays: Sex and the City

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Ah yes, a week from today is Valentine’s Day, a day where couples spend a ridiculous amount of money on cards, flowers, and chocolate to show affection for one another. However, there are romantic TV shows where relationships are at the center. One of those is HBO’s Sex and the City. Following columnist Carrie Bradshaw and her three friends Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda through their love lives. Each women is different with their own story. Each want something that is different. But, each one of them is looking for love.

Music Monday: Lady Gaga

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If you watched the Super Bowl last night, then you watched Lady Gaga put on an epic performances. Considered to be one of the best in the history of Super Bowl Half Time Shows, she has managed to leave her mark in the world as a powerful singer with a style of her own. An icon in style, Lady Gaga has managed to climb up the ladder in the world today. Lady Gaga is a force that has yet to be stopped.

Keep the Marquee Lights On!

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Some people may think the western genre is gone for good. Those that do have yet to see the critically acclaimed film Hell or High Water, which I had the pleasure of seeing at the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut. When I walked in the theater on Friday, February third there was popcorn that was already filled in boxes. Many of the ushers were sitting down waiting to get their assignments for the evening.

Hell or High Water film poster.png        Yet, there is one thing that I noticed at the Garde on this particular night that wasn’t there before. On a table with a red table cloth there was a poster board with hearts on a red paper. On them were the saying “Marquees are red, lights are blue, I love the Garde, How about you?” Looking at the poster board between two water jugs I began to wonder if this campaign is for something in particular.

When the doors opened people began to flood in with many of them going over to the table for the fundraiser. Two women, who were volunteers, were telling people about the purpose of the campaign. I learned that after a certain time at night the marquee lights are turned off. Upon the lights being turned off lead to a grassroots campaign started by members of the community in order to keep the lights on.

Many people were visiting the table donating money and adding their name to the poster board. After a bit the lights flickered signaling the movie was going to be starting soon. I made my way into the theater where patrons were told they were invited to a social held in the mezzanine after the movie.

Then the lights dimmed with ads for “20th Century Women” and “Jackie” being announced as the next movies to come to the Garde. Then the movie started to play much to the enjoyment of the crowd. Many laughed, cheered, and cried as they watched this modern day western from a genre many don’t believe to be around anymore. Following two different stories of two brothers who are bank robbers and two Texas Rangers who are hunting them there were touching moments. The friendship of the Texas Rangers showed to be more of a brotherly love, while the bank robber brothers revolved around them looking for redemption.

When the movie ended the audience headed out into the mezzanine for the social held by Atlantic Broadband. Among the chatter of the enjoyment of the movie, there was enjoyment of snacks and drinks. Many patrons were talking with representatives from Atlantic Broadband. When the social started to end I walked through the lobby where there were advertisements for the musical “Once” on February 10th and Matt Anderson on February 28th. Never the less, it was another magical night at the Garde Arts Center.


Photo Friday


Happy Friday everyone!!! Can’t really think of what to say about this photo other than it caught my eye making me smile. This photo was taken at a winery, so maybe the thought of a glass of wine is it.

An Evening with Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt



Image result for An Evening with Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt garde                Up until January 20, 2017, I had never heard of Lyle Lovett or John Hiatt. Well, after a night at the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut those are two names that I will never forget. With a sold out two and a half hour show these two put on an amazing performance.

There was much preparation to happen before the doors open. Many patrons were anxiously waiting in the box office lobby while the ushers got into place. Then the doors opened, many were admiring the posters on display for future shows. While other patrons were acknowledging the photos in the lobby by Tom Bombria. As the lobby began to fill the doors opened with patrons going up to the stage to admire the stage set with two guitars.

Around eight o’clock the lights dimmed with Steve Sigal going to announce future attractions coming to the Garde. One of the many is the Winter Cinema Series that starts on February 2nd and Matthew Anderson. After he stepped off the stage the two stars of the night came on. Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt were treated to applause.

After singing a couple of songs, the two talked about how they met with the journey they had been on together. The two switched off with each doing solos. John did some whistling and played the harmonica during his songs. Both were playing the guitar under the blue dim light on the stage. Lyle spoke about meeting Eric Taylor and others like Leonard Cohen who he admired and helped along the way. John Hiatt spoke about his journey since he was eighteen and went to Nashville to being a married man. The two of them have a special friendship that was evident as they shared jokes with each other.

As the singing went on there were requests for songs that they play. Classics such as “Marlene Marlene” and “Have a Little Faith in Me” are met to applause. As the show started to come to an end Lyle thanked them for being a great audience. After the show ended there was an encore with them greeting and acknowledging the audience before their final bow.

When the show wrapped up the audience started to leave with the clamor of how great the show was. Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt were able to bring happiness and joy the fans in New London, Connecticut. There was never a show quite like this one that I had ever seen before.