Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 28- Jackie Lion WAFCA Just Friends & Movie Scores:

On a chilly winter night many people came to the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut to see the movie Jackie. Based on the week following the shocking assassination of her husband John F. Kennedy, this 2016 film with Natalie Portman in the starring role moved much of the audience through smiles and tears.

Before the show started on February 11, the patrons strolled in admiring the photography by local photographer Tom Bombria. From there, they admired the posters for the upcoming shows at the Garde that include Sex Tips for Women from a Gay Man and Marcia Ball and the Subdudes. Many stopped by the bar for popcorn and drinks before they took their seats inside the movie palace.

On their way in many stopped by to ask about the Marquee Lights. With a volunteer actively holding the water jug she stood by an explained that this was to keep the lights on all night long. With a high electric bill, she explained that after a certain time at night the lights have to be turned off to save money. Obviously, this did not sit well with some members of the local community, so they stood up in order to ensure that the lights can stay on.

Then the lights flickered with the audience making their way into the famed movie palace while listening to the music that was being played by the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra. Steve Sigal took to the stage to welcome the audience. After thanking the sponsors such as Blu-Prints Unlimited, which received cheers, and Atlantic Broadband who was sponsoring a social afterwards the lights dimmed.

Previews for upcoming movies Hidden Figures and Neruda started with the audience whispering about them. Then the movie started, once this film started many were silent. Every now and then there would be a joke that would lead them to laugh. Then there would be times when you could hear others crying as they sympathized with Jackie. When the movie closed, the audience filed out after much of the credits rolled.

Many of them stayed behind to enjoy pizza in the mezzanine during the social. Hosted by Atlantic Broadband most of the audience was talking about Jackie Kennedy and the Kennedy family. Several of the members admired her for who she was and how she handled herself with grace after her husband passed. Others were talking about other family members who were featured in the movie. Never the less, the 2016 masterpiece Jackie managed to bring art to life at the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut.


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