TV Tuesdays: True Blood

True Blood: The Final Season (Posters) by Emre Ünaylı, via Behance: Today is Mardi Gras, traditionally known as Fat Tuesday or the day before Lent begins. Over here in America many of us know New Orleans, Louisiana to have a great Mardi Gras party with parades, drinks, beads and all. In honor of Mardi Gras I decided to do TV Tuesday on a show that takes place in Louisiana.

True Blood isn’t just any vampire show. We follow the trials of Sookie Stackhouse, a mind reader, who befriends vampires. In this reality, vampires have come out of the coffin exposing themselves to the world. Many people struggle with the vampires as they know they drink human blood. However, Sookie is not afraid immersing herself in the world of vampires learning their ways. Yet, Sookie finds herself in danger everywhere she goes. Even though she has a few vampires on her side, there are those who intend on hurting her and the ones she loves. Never the less, Sookie finds comfort in her loyal friends and trusts in her heart what she knows is right.


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