Read It Wednesday: Resisting Happiness

Image result for matthew kelly resisting happinessToday is Ash Wednesday, the only day a year where I get stopped and asked why I have a smudge mark on my head. Others inform me that I have the ashes on my forehead. When asked I calmly reply that the ash burned from the palms is a sign of Penance to the Lord for sacrificing His Son Jesus Christ. Today marks the beginning of Lent. In honor of this day I had decided to do a blog post on Matthew Kelly’s Catholic self help book Resisting Happiness.

I read this book to tell you the truth I found my faith renewed and changed. I looked to the Bible passages that were used leading me to pray to the Lord for forgiveness. In Resisting Happiness Matthew Kelly goes into detail about why we sabotage our life, our relationship with Him and His Son, and how to conquer by looking to Them. Resisting Happiness is a truly inspiring book about learning to live life at His will rather than yours.


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