TV Tuesday: Numbers

Numb3rs Insignia.jpg

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On March 21st many people wore different pairs of socks for World Down Syndrome Day. The date represents the extra chromosome that is the root cause of the condition. People with Down Syndrome are not much different than people who do not have the condition. Yet, in society today they are looked down upon because of the condition they have. In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, I am doing Numbers. In the television show Numbers we are introduced to a math genius and his other friends who had been looked down upon because they are different.

Following the adventures of Charley Eppes, who is a math prodigy, and his FBI agent brother Don as they put their minds together to solve crimes in the Los Angeles area. With the assistance from his fellow colleagues and friends, they are able to crack the case in no time. However, because Charley is not an agent his assumptions are sometimes pushed to the side. Never the less, Charley proves to be helpful with every aspect of an investigation.


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