Theater Thursday: Beauty and the Beast


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Last Friday, Beauty and the Beast opened worldwide to delight audiences in the live action adaptation of the classic. However, before it was a movie, in 1994 Beauty and the Beast came to Broadway. Bringing to life the enchanted castle in France with Belle and her friends, there was nothing short of stopping the French fairy tale to capturing the hearts of people around the world.

Bored with her life, Belle finds herself on a journey to save her father from a ferocious beast. Setting him free, she agrees to become his prisoner. At first she struggles to get along with him. Yet, with the encouragement of the friends inside the castle whom she makes, she starts to see who he is inside. However, there is a hunter in town Gaston who is determined to make Belle his wife and will stop at nothing. Threatening to destroy everything Belle holds dear, Gaston throws himself into keeping Belle as his own. Yet, Belle has everything she needs to have the life she has dreamed of, if only she can make it with the Beast.


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