Hidden Figures at the Garde



Quite possibly the most popular movie at The Garde Arts Center Winter Cinema Series has to be Hidden Figures. The true story following three African American women who helped NASA win the Space Race against Russia. Seeing as the movie was popular they added on an extra show at ten in the morning for a school time performance. Yet, on a Wednesday night many people were still showing up to watch the inspirational story.

In the lobby filled with Tom Bombria Photography and advertisements for upcoming shows like Annie on April 23rd and Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man on May 18th and 19th the audience started to enter. Atlantic Broadband was handing out the first two hundred boxes of popcorn for free as more popcorn was being popped. Several of the patrons had entered in a raffle that had been sponsored by Atlantic Broadband who were hosting a social after the show.

Around 6:30 at night the balcony began to fill as anxious patrons filled the box office lobby for their tickets to see the show. When the lights dimmed Steve Sigel took to the stage to welcome everyone to the Garde for Hidden Figures. After announcing that this was the highest attendance he invited New London Mayor Michael Passero on stage. With the Mayor of New London welcoming guests into the Garde he announced the school children who had watched the same movie in the morning. His remarks reflected the hopes and dreams he had for the future of New London Public Schools.

When his remarks were complete Steve Sigel invited members from Atlantic Broadband to announce the winners from the raffle. With cheers and congratulations from the audience for the winners, the leader of the Black Engineers Club at Electric Boat announced that members from the audience were invited to Two Wives for a discussion about the movie.

Then the previews for upcoming movies like Hacksaw Ridge and Neruda began to play. When the movie started the audience did not stop laughing and cheering for: Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson and, of course, Katherine Johnson. There was nothing short of stopping these three amazing women from doing what they love while being looked down upon while doing it. Working for NASA these three fabulous and brilliant women managed to inspire many local residents at the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut to go out there and do what they love.


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