Loving; Directed by Jeff Nichols.  With Joel Edgerton, Michael Shannon, Ruth Negga, Marton Csokas. Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple, are sentenced to prison in Virginia in 1958 for getting married.:

On March 4, hundreds of residents in New London County came to see Loving at the Garde Arts Center. Upon arrival several of the patrons admired the new photography that had been added to the lobby. While others were looking at the advertisements for the Eastern Connecticut Ballet on March 11th and Annie on April 24th. Some of them were admiring the poster advertising the school time series sponsored by Bob’s Discount Furniture.

Yet after looking at all of these several patrons decided to stop by the “Keep the Lights on at The Garde” fundraiser where a volunteer was standing with two water jugs. As each week goes on more patrons ask about the fundraiser to keep the beautiful marquee lights on at night. Unfortunately, due to electric bills the Garde has to turn their lights off after a certain time at night leaving the street corner on Bank Street dark.

With many patrons heading to the balcony, which is said to have the best seats in the house there were fliers being held in their hands for the rest of the Garde Arts Winter Cinema Series. Several of the patrons picked them up when they walked inside the lobby from the box office, with three new movies added to the series: Elle March 9th, Silence March 16th, and La La Land April 2nd there is nothing that is stopping the Garde from going.

After the lights dimmed the audience took their seats while previews rolled across the screen leading to the movie Loving to start. Once Loving had started the audience was entranced by the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving. The two were an interracial couple who were married in Washington D.C. and living in Virginia in 1958. Unfortunately, their marriage was illegal leading them to be arrested and go to prison, even though they were legally married. Sadly, the two had to go and live out of state only to never return to Virginia together. As the film goes on Richard and Mildred get the help they need to lead to the monumental case Loving v. Virginia striking down anti-miscegenation laws across America.

When the movie ended the audience burst into applause as they had admired the Lovings for taking the stance they took. Afterwards, there was a social in the mezzanine hosted by Atlantic Broadband. With the audience a buzz talking about the admirable story with coffee and cookies being served. Once the movie revealing the true story behind Loving v. Virginia was over, the Garde Arts Center was filled with joy, tears, and laughter once again.


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