Photo Friday


Yes, that time of year is coming! The warm weather today confirmed that the warm days of summer are right around the corner. Even though some days may be warmer than others, there is still a sense of happiness because Summer is coming.

Theater Thursday: Sugar


A musical take on the classic film Some Like it Hot, Sugar is just as funny and enjoyable as it’s predecessor. Following the movie’s story line of two men who accidentally witness the St. Valentines Day Massacre end up working as two women in an all girl band. Yet one of the men fall in love with the lead singer while another one ends up being the affection of a millionaire. Regardless, the two find a happy ending after facing a couple of trials, including running into gangsters who end up recognizing them.

Read-It Wednesdays: Gone Girl

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What happened to Amy Dunne? On the night of her wedding anniversary to her husband Nick she mysteriously disappeared. After losing her jobĀ and moving to the Midwest there are a million reasons for her to runaway. However, Nick finds himself as the prime suspect in the case. Did an angry husband kill his wife? Or did Amy leave on her own accord? With twists and turns revealed from her diary there is no real answer until the end in Gillian Flynn’s novel Gone Girl.

TV Tuesday: Bates Motel


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Bates Motel ended it’s five season run last night on A&E. In this inventive take on a modern day prequel to Psycho we are introduced to Norman Bates relationship with his mother. Over protective, Norma takes her love for her son a step to far after being abandoned by her eldest son. With Norma finding love and living her life while keeping Norman close under her wing things start to get out of hand. With Norman slowly slipping into insanity as he starts to take on his mother’s identity throughout the seasons with no saying what he will do next.

Music Monday: The Strokes

The Strokes. Such a great concert! I loved every second of it. Perfection.:

One of the bands that many people still rock out to today is The Strokes. Formed in 1998 this rock band is one that you will love the moment you turn on the radio. Still together after seventeen years together there is no sign of them slowing down anytime soon.

Photo Friday


As they say “April showers bring May flowers.” This week was a reminder as it rained, poured, and temperatures dropped. Yet, in the future beautiful flowers like these will come with the rain. Maybe not the cold, but with the rain that comes down.

Theater Thursday: Grease



Grease is the word! One of the most beloved musicals of all time has got to be Grease. With the traditional love story of boy meets girl in the 1950’s with a high school setting. Follow Danny and Sandy as they figure out their love lives as they keep running back to each other in the end. With their friends on opposite ends at points, Danny and Sandy welcome you to their song and dance that many people like singing along to.

Read-it Wednesday: An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines-cover.jpg

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The only name that has ever made Colin’s heart flutter and that is Katherine. A child prodigy he only pursues girls with the name of Katherine while turning a blind eye to the ones who show interest in him. Colin finds himself on a journey as he works to make sure that he is happy whether he ends up with “Katherine” or not. Yet, will he be able to find the one even if her name is not Katherine.

TV Tuesday: Friends

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Nothing like a cup of coffee with your friends to discuss life, in a comedic form. In the hit NBC comedy Friends we are introduced to six individuals who come from different backgrounds as they face the challenges of everyday life in New York City. The six of them are there for each other in need, regardless of how ridiculous the situation is. Never the less, you can never get enough of Friends.

Music Monday: Sam Smith

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British crooner Sam Smith has left his mark in the music world. Today many people around the world listen to his music with ease either dancing or relaxing. Sam Smith’s music is one of a kind as he is able to write his own songs while drawing on the experiences he had trying to break into the music industry. Sam Smith has more to come in the future as an inspiration and singer to enchant the world.