Rhythm in the Night: Irish Dance Spectacular

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Putting into words Rhythm in the Night: Irish Dance Spectacular is going to be a tough one as it was a truly amazing show. At the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut they came and brought us to a far away land where darkness has fallen. With the hero Balor under the spell of an evil enchantress Azura, it is up to Aisling, Balor’s loving companion and his brother Solas to bring him back and restore peace to the land.

Yet before the show could begin there was prep that needed to be done with the ushers getting into place as they waited for the house doors to open. The bartenders were preparing the bar for the patrons who would be coming in shortly. Upon the doors opening welcoming in the patrons to the lobby several of them went over to the table where the soundtrack to the show was being sold. Several of them had asked questions about the show. Many of the patrons were wearing green as they made their way to their seats.

Shortly, after the lights flickered Steve Sigel came on stage to welcome everyone to the event. After making a few light jokes about the show he announced future shows that are to come to the Garde Arts Center, such as David Crosby, Robert Kroy, the hit movie La La Land on 4/2 and the Musical Box on 4/7. After encouraging the audience to join the Garde’s emailing list he left the stage to take his seat.

Once the lights dimmed the audience was brought to this dark land where hope has been lost. With two violinists on the stage from time to time along with a flutist, there was no telling when we would be brought back to New London, Connecticut. The Irish Step Dancing Spectacular managed to transport us to this far away land following Ainsley and Solas as they worked tirelessly to save Balor from Azura and their home. With hope and never giving up they manage to bring Balor and defeat Azura.

During the curtain call the troupe received a standing ovation by the audience with many of them demanding an encore to watch. The troupe obliged by dancing to another song right before the lights came back on. Once they did the audience started to leave with the troupe entering the lobby to greet them. Kind and generous they Irish Step Dancers took pictures, answered questions about the show and their dancing background and signed autographs for their new fans in New London, Connecticut at the Garde Arts Center. Nothing was short of magnificent brought on by Rhythm in the Night: The Irish Dance Spectacular.


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