Puccini’s Tosca

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Ah, yes there is nothing quite like the opera. At the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut the classic opera Tosca by Puccini came to life. Performed by the Connecticut Lyric Opera, Tosca came to life like no other.

After the ushers were given their instructions and the doors opened to the public the Garde Arts Center became the perfect place for the show. With violin music being played in the lobby as several people got their food and drink. Before the doors opened, many patrons were admiring posters for upcoming shows like Donovan, David Crosby, Michael McDonald, and Garrison Keiler. Many of them talked of interest in the upcoming shows.

Some parents were admiring the posts for the Summer Theater program held at the Garde. Called Summer on Stage 2017, there was much interest among the parents as well as the children who came to view the show. With performances of Beauty Lou and the Country Beast, Cinderella, and Jack and the Beanstalk I could tell that there was a high interest in participating in these shows. For several children in New London County, Summer on Stage is a must for many.

When the doors opened many people were reading their programs after they got into their seats. The orchestra is warming up with some applause after they finish a song. The stage just has a red curtain down with a light on it giving the theater more of a feel for the opera.

When the lights dimmed the audience clapped. A representative from the Connecticut Lyric Opera came one stage announcing that a CD’s will be sold in honor of the 20th Anniversary. After thanking sponsors: Frank Lewis Palmer, Fader Founding, and Giving of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the show began.

The audience was treated to English supertitles as the show is in Italian above the stage. There were some laughs at jokes that members caught by reading them. Several patrons had clapped when the lights dimmed and intermission began. During intermission several people were talking about the show and how much they were enjoying themselves. When the lights dimmed again the show started up.

When the show ended, the cast was given a standing ovation by the audience. Afterwards, many people headed into the lobby for a reception that was hosted. Members of the cast came out to greet their new fans who were taking photos and asking for autographs. Many patrons grabbed some cheese and crackers as well as a glass of wine before heading out for the evening. After a fantastic performance, Puccini’s Tosca at the Garde Arts Center performed by the Connecticut Lyric Opera is one that many will remember for the rest of their days.


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