TV Tuesdays: America’s Got Talent

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Dreams do come true on America’s Got Talent. This past week there was quite a bit of buzz when a deaf singer, Mandy Harvey, earned Simon Cowell’s coveted gold buzzer (sending her straight through to the live show). However, many other talented people who do not sing have been discovered. Talented ventriloquists, hilarious comedians, gravity defying gymnasts, death defying magicians, and how-did-they-do-that magicians have all gotten a start on America’s Got Talent. This is one show that many people tune into to watch because this is not just a singing competition, but one for anyone who has a dream and is brave enough to chase it.

Music Monday: Krishna Das

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One of my new favorite singers has to be Krishna Das. I was recently introduced through his music through yoga. The music he makes is a Hindu devotional by chanting. Yet, there is something soothing and calming about the words he sings. Whether I am at home or in shavasana, Krishna Das is one favorite that I won’t let go.