TV Tuesday: Coupling

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Taking an international turn on my TV Tuesdays, I have decided to take on the British sitcom Coupling. Following the comedic, yet relate able lives, of six young adults living in London. With Jeff, Sally, Susan, Steve, Patrick, and Jane the six of them lean on each others shoulders when time get rough, ask for advice when needed, and stick out some of the most ridiculous situations you can think of. While many have compared the show to Friends, Coupling takes on a life of its own.

Music Monday: John Williams

John Williams' Life in Movies: InfographicThis Music Monday is going to take a different turn. This week I have chosen the legendary composer John Williams. Known for creating the theme score for Star Wars and Jaws, John Williams has managed to make a name for himself in the musical world. Many look up to him, while several enjoy his music from a young age not knowing his name. John Williams name is not far from many classic scores, like Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, and Saving Private Ryan. John Williams music is one that will live on for many to enjoy.