Robert Cray Band

Robert Cray Band

Up until Friday May 26, 2017, I had never heard of the Robert Cray Band. HowImage result for robert cray band tourever, when I arrived at the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut for the show I found out who he was. With many anxious patrons waiting in the box office lobby to enter inside to pick up their T-shirts and CD’s; while The Wolf 102.3, a local radio station, set up a game for patrons to play as they entered.

Once the doors opened many patrons flooded inside the theater waiting for the show to start. However, many patrons were interested in upcoming shows at the Garde like Garrison Keiler and Michael McDonald. There were some parents there who were interested in the Summer Theater Program where shows like Beauty Lou and the Country Beast, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Cinderella are going to be performed.

With many anxious patrons it was no shock when the lights dimmed for the opening act. After Steve Sigel gave a warm welcome to the audience, the opening act came on. John Fries came to the stage where he entertained many members with his music. After he finished, intermission came with many people taking photos with him in the lobby. During intermission, the was much buzz in the lobby. With the upstairs bar opened, patrons playing the game set up by The Wolf 102.3, which is a wheel that points to a prize, and several patrons purchasing souvenirs nothing was short of stopping the night from happening.

When the lights, finally, flickered to announce The Robert Cray Band was going to come on stage everyone hurried right back into the theater. When the lights dimmed there was applause to the band, who have visited the Garde at least three times before. The moment Robert Cray stepped onstage with his band the audience could not stop having a good time. There were many patrons who were dancing in the aisles while others moved back and forth in their seat. Robert Cray interacted with the audience thanking them for coming out and introducing the members of his band while making many guitar changes.

With all the excitement from the audience, time flew by with the show ending to a standing ovation. Followed by a fantastic encore it seemed as though no one wanted to leave the Garde. When The Robert Cray Band took their final bow many patrons started to head out of the theater, but not without talking about how wonderful the show was. Known for his classic blues music intertwined with a bit of rock and country, I now know who The Robert Cray Band is and I sure won’t forget the name .

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