Southeastern Connecticut Center for the Blind Talent Show 2017

There is much to be said about the Southeastern Connecticut Center for the Blind when it comes down to their talent show. At the Garde Arts Center on October 7th, there was much to be said about each one of the performers as they got up on stage in the Oasis Room and blasted everyone away with their talent. There was much excitement before the show began with the hustle and bustle for friends and family who came to support their loved ones.

When many people walked into the Oasis room they stopped at a table where they were selling tickets for a basket raffle. Many people stopped and admired all the different baskets that were out on display for them to pick from. While this was going on there was much chatter about the acts that were going to go on. Some of the participants were dressed up for their performance, while others dressed casually.

The lights dimmed and Arthur Mueller, the MC for the evening, gave a warm word of welcome to everyone who came. Followed by Eileen Rose who is the Executive Director of the Southeastern Connecticut Center for the Blind and the Chairperson for the Talent; show spoke about how much the show means to her and the performers who are all visually impaired. When she finished Heidi Ross spoke about the significance of October 15th, White Cane Safety Day.

White Cane Safety Day was first recognized and approved by President Lyndon B. Johnson. The importance of this day is to raise awareness of the symbolism of the white cane for independence for those who are blind and/or visually impaired. It is significant for all people to be aware of why those who cannot see have use a cane so they can live an independent life.

When Heidi finished the fun began when the show started. There was piano playing and jokes being told by performers. There was an artist who played the ukulele and to a medley he wrote himself, while singing a song, while another played the guitar and sang a song he wrote himself. Then there were others who danced and clapped along with the music. There was even a fantastic act with a hula hoop that left many in awe. All of the acts were different with their own significant touch.

The Southeastern Connecticut Center for the Blind never ceases to have a dull talent show. Each talent show is designed to encase different talent that each of them have. Each time I watch this show I am in awe and blown away by each individual act as they do not let anything stop them from doing what they love. The Garde Arts Center, once again, shows their commitment and support to the community with each talent show that comes from The Southeastern Connecticut Center for the Blind.

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