Music Monday: John Carpenter

How John Carpenter's Music Changed the World - 2015's first great album may not even be from a musician. Now out, Lost Themes by John Carpenter has the icy menace of something out of a '80s horror flick. That's deliberate, not to mention fitting, as Carpenter's synth-based compositions for his films became one of the decade's signature sounds.

Many people know John Carpenter as a Master of Horror having directed hit films in the genre like Halloween and The Thing. However, most people do not know that John Carpenter is also a composer. One of the many tunes that he has brought to life is the original theme of Halloween in 1978. He has been known to co-compose some of the music in his films, even winning an award for the music in the movie Vampires. Going as far as to release three studio albums, John Carpenter has managed to prove that he is more than a horror movie director.

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