Girls Night! The Musical

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There is nothing quite like a night out with your friends. At the Garde Arts Center on October 27th, a night out rang true for many. Girls Night: The Musical appeared at the Garde drawing in quite a crowd. Following four middle aged women as they meet to help send off their deceased friend’s daughter into marriage brought laughs and cheers too many.

Once many anxious patrons wearing pink and buying boas and the soundtrack to the show they walked over to the tables on display. The Drunken Palette from down the street had a table set up. With Christmas cards and a Plinko game to win prizes there was much activity. “We’ve never done Christmas cards before. We created five art inspired cards,” Felicia, who is the proud own of The Drunken Palette tells me; five different cards featuring a famous painting with a special quote from each artist written inside as a special touch. “What I did was take each paintings original art work and used a motivational quote about painting from each artist about painting and a holiday message. The cards tie back to the studio getting people to paint who have never painted before,” Felicia explains. The Drunken Palette seems to be a great place for an ideal girls’ night out, seeing as next month is something special. “Next month is our seven year anniversary, first here in Connecticut and still going strong. Promoting unique art experiences of all backgrounds for all,” Felicia excitedly informs me. Seeing as how fun a place like The Drunken Palette is from Felicia and the excitement over at the table it seems like there are going to be many girls nights there.

Over at the next table is the Terry Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation. With pink bracelets being sold as donations to raise money for breast cancer research with a pink pumpkin was another source of buzzing activity. “We’ve known Jeanne Sigel for a long time and she called us up about this event,” Sandy Maniscalo informs me. During the month of October, Terry Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation works hard to raise funds for research. From hosting walks to attending various events, all proceeds go towards cancer foundation.

When the lights dimmed the time for the show to start came. Steve Sigel came on stage and welcomed the audience. After jokingly revealing that he would be the last man who they saw on stage for the next couple of hours he announced future events. A Christmas Show called Cherish the Ladies: A Celtic Christmas on December 1st, a Grammy nominated Irish-American group is one of the popular shows. On December 15th, Melissa Etheridge is to appear at the Garde with a holiday show called Merry Christmas Baby. One of rocks iconic singers coming to the Garde brought quite a reaction from the crowd.

When the lights dimmed the show began along with the laughs. Following these four women on a stereotypical girls night out as they are followed by their deceased friend whose daughter they helped raised when she passed.  Each one was different allowing the laughs to begin, while highlighting the importance of their friendship. When intermission came there was quite the buzz in the lobby again. Many flocked to The Drunken Palette and Terry Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation tables with many inquiring about the Christmas show. Yes, there is a holiday show called “Twas a Girls Night Before Christmas” at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford. There were many others asking about the future shows coming to Garde. Along with Melissa Etheridge and Cherish the Ladies, the Garde has several other events coming up. On December 9th and 10th, the holiday classic The Nutcracker returns from the Eastern Connecticut Ballet. Along with PnB Rock on November 11th, the popular singer, and the upcoming 2018 Winter Cinema Series, there is much to be seen coming up at the Garde Arts Center.

When intermission ended, the fun began all over again. With songs from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s there was singing and dancing throughout the audience. When the show came to a close everyone was on their feet clapping and singing along. Yet, there was a special touch at the end. When the final curtain call came they asked that all the cancer survivors come on stage. As these women made their way to the stage, the audience was on their feet cheering for them as they were welcomed with open arms and hugs. They finished the night off dancing on stage to “I Will Survive” with a grand night at the Garde Arts Center filled with memories.

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