The Magic Flute


There is no opera quite like Mozart’s The Magic Flute. In his final opera he is able to bring you on a magical journey to a far off land where a prince goes on a journey to save a beloved princess. With the help of a powerful magic flute he is able to make this possible. All of this magic was brought to life at the Garde Arts Center in New London, CT.

Before the show started there were many anxious patrons waiting to see the show. Inside the lobby they admired posters for music acts Melissa Etheridge on December 15th and Andrew Bird on March 2nd. Others were asking questions about the upcoming shows The Wizard of Oz on May 3rd and Popovich: Comedy Pet Theater on March 16th. With many inquiring about these upcoming hit shows at the Garde they anxiously awaited for the show to start.

When the lights had flickered many had made it on the way into the theater where they saw a stage set with a white screen against three steps. Many were wondering about the family friendly show they were about to see. Yes, many families came from out of town to see Mozart’s final opera as it is very friendly family with a tale many children can enjoy. Children were excitedly waiting for the show to start, some of them asking their parents questions about the show they were about to see. Many others were reading the program about the talented cast.

When the theater lights turned off signaling the time for the show to begin. But, before the show started the actor who portrayed the character Papageno came on to wish an audience member a “Happy Birthday” as well as welcome everyone to the show. When the conductor came out to an applause he gave a slight pause instructing the music to start playing.

Shortly after this happened the audience was transported to a modern day city where prince was fighting off a lizard only to be saved by three mysterious women. From there we were brought to a far off land where a princess has been kidnapped. Using the white screen to portray the scenes for the different lands there was no leaving this magical place.

When the show had come to a close many were brought back to the Garde Arts Theater in New London, CT where everyone was on their feet applauding the cast. The night wasn’t quite over yet. When the show had ended, there was a reception held. Patrons enjoyed snacking on crackers and cheese while drinking fruit punch and wine. When the cast had made their way out they were posing for photos and making small talk with the patrons. With beaming smiles, the Garde Arts Center in New London, CT was able to make a magical night for all ages.

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