The Elusive Cardinal


Taking photos of birds is a hobby of mine. This year I was able to spot a bright red cardinal. However, each time I went to go take a photo of this beautiful bird, it flew away and disappeared. Each time he got away I sighed and put my camera down. Eventually, I set my camera next to me and sat at the kitchen table. Patiently waiting until the cardinal came back.

IMG_7267.JPGWhen the cardinal finally came back I turned on my camera. I was able to snap a few shots of the cardinal before he flew away again. Patience is a virtue that I learned from this experience. Wildlife photography is challenging because animals are unpredictable. By being patient and waiting for this bird to come back at the right time so I can take the a photo. Patience is a challenge for me, just as snapping a photo of a cardinal that I had to sit still for.

IMG_7264.JPGBasically, I was waiting for the right time on the cardinals time not mine. Photographing this cardinal was a triumph for me. By being patient and waiting for the cardinal to sit still was worth it.



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