The Disaster Artist

On a rainy cold day the Garde Arts Center opened its doors for the hit movie The Disaster Artist. The movie following Tommy Wiseau making the “worst movie ever made” called The Room brought in many from all over. The cold and rain did not stop people from walking to the Garde to see the critically acclaimed film.

As people made their way in out of the cold the aroma of popcorn filled the lobby. There were many who were buying cups of Harney and Sons tea where hot water, honey, and milk was set up for them, while others stopped to get a hot cup of coffee. In the lobby there were many people talking about the film they were about to see.

In the lobby with advertisements for upcoming events at the Garde like author and humorist David Sedaris on April 14th and the Australian iconic singing duo Air Supply on March 10th. Some people showed interest in the hit family musical The Wizard of Oz on May 3rd and the unique Popovich Pet Theater on March 16th. All of these events and more are coming to the Garde in the coming months much to the delight of patrons around Connecticut and beyond.

However, the most chatter came around the upcoming movies that are part of the Winter Cinema Series at the Garde Arts Center. Sponsored by Atlantic Broadband, Secor Subaru, The Thames River Heritage Park Tour and many local business come together for this event. In fact, this year there have been two movies added to the list: A Fantastic Woman on March 29th and Loving Vincent on March 7th.

When three o’clock came the lights dimmed with the previews for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri on February 16th and I,Tonya on February 18th played. After both of these previews there was some small talk about the excitement of these two films as both are critically acclaimed. Then the main event started The Disaster Artist. The audience was glued to the screen laughing when it was funny and sighing when it was said. The critically acclaimed film that has received a nomination for an Academy Award and James Franco won a Golden Globe Award for his role as Tommy Wiseau.

Ultimately, the film about the making of the worst movie ever made was a hit with the audience. After the film there was much chatter about how The Room became a cult classic after a terrible film debut and being critically slammed. In the movie The Disaster Artist the story was there about how it all came to be. At the Garde Arts Center some people lingered in to lobby to talk about the film they had just seen.

The Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut on February 11th was able to bring to life a film like no other theater. A local legendary movie palace The Disaster Artist was shown here for all to see in a one of a kind experience only the Garde Arts Center can offer. This windy and rainy day came with happiness and joy at there for who came to see an uplifting story about a man and his vision.

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