Rain, Rain, Rain


The past month of April was a rainy month. Unfortunately, it looks like the month of May is going to be another rainy month. Right now there is a thunderstorm where I am in Connecticut. But, never the less rain brings flowers and cools things down in the summer when it is hot.

IMG_0714However, with rain sometimes comes thunderstorms and power outages. Thunderstorms, they are okay, but power outages are not. As long as there is gas in the generator being prepped and ready for one is no problem. Unfortunately, a generator can only last so long and is loud.

IMG_0679.JPGRain, rain, rain it is something that we need. Many people enjoy running out in the rain feeling the water as it falls out of the sky putting their head back to taste a few drops. Many people consider it good luck for it to rain on your wedding day.

Rain is something that is enjoyed and envied at the same time. Rain frustrates some when it interferes with plans, but leads to happiness for others looking for a day to rest. Rain seems to be one of those things that brings both happiness and sadness all in one for everyone.


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