Just Reading


While I was having computer problems I spent a lot of time reading. From David Sedaris to V.C. Andrews, I was able to keep myself entertained with an old hobby I have forgotten. As I read and reread several books I discovered how much I missed reading. I had forgotten how much of a stress reliever reading was for me. Entering into another world is something that I really missed.

IMG_8027By reading I was able to enter a world without pictures that flash before my eyes on a computer or television screen. Instead I was able to use my imagination to bring the characters, scenery, and actions to life in my own head. Reading is something that I have been able to use to allow my imagination to flourish. Today, the use of technology might have taken that away from some as they rely on movies and television shows.

IMG_7990.JPGHowever, it was someone else’s pure imagination that brought the book to life. The story in a world completely separate of the one that I live in now was created from another mind. When reading the imagination can run wild as you think of what the author had imagined. Entering into another world helps me relax because I am temporarily leaving behind the one I am in.

IMG_8031.JPGA world completely different from mine. Another world where my struggles and anguish don’t matter, yet someone else’s does. Getting my mind off my problems through reading is something that has helped me.

As I look back on the past month of computer problems, I am rather thankful I was able to pick up a book again. No interruptions and no screens flashing allowed me to enter a world completely separate from mine. Another place created from another mind with a story to follow. Books are truly a treasure as they bring you to places that allow your imagination to wander.


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