This past week has been a scorcher! With temperatures hitting the 80’s combined with humidity it felt like it would never cool off. During the heat wave I either stayed inside or swam in the pool. The heat felt like it would never end but, today, the temperature dropped. After thunderstorms and head advisories it feels good to be able to step outside and not breaking a sweat after two seconds.

IMG_6768.JPGNever the less, heat waves are something that we all have to deal with. Staying cool and beating the heat are common sayings during this time. Water is a huge need during this time. Water keeps us hydrated and cools us down. I don’t think without water surviving this heat wave would’ve been possible. The one thing that everyone can agree on during a heat wave is to keep water close at all times.

IMG_1252.JPGHowever, what amazes me the most about heat waves has to be how quickly it cools down. Waking up this morning I was actually chilly. Even though the temperatures were in the high sixties, I was still cold. I changed into something warmer for a Summer day. To be completely honest it feels weird to say I had to change into something warmer in the middle of Summer. I guess it is safe to say you have to stay warm during the summer time as well.

Heat waves are something that we all have to deal with. Even though the temperature did not go past the high 80’s where I am, the humidity made the days sticky and uncomfortable. So far this Summer has been up and down with the heat. But, today was a good day as it was a break from heat and humidity.

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