There has to be one flower in the summer that brings me joy. Bright yellow petals surrounding a dark brown center. But, not all sunflowers are the same. There are some with layers that add to the before meeting the center. Some grow tall and others stay small. No sunflower is the same.

IMG_8888.JPGNear where I live there is a sunflower farm. There they sell sunflowers, ice cream, and hayrides. However, the main attraction is always the sunflowers. On this trip in particular I was able to catch a couple of photos of a sunflower blooming and buds. Seeing these sunflowers in different stages was remarkable; a true form of art that only nature can bring.

IMG_8909.JPGSunflowers are only in bloom for a short amount of time. But, never the less they are something to look forward to on a hot summer day. Being in the middle of a heatwave is not fun, even when the air conditioner doesn’t seem to cool you down. I can’t help but love the look of sunflowers on a hot summer day.


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